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Old Tokyo Moblog

This is my old tokyo weblog. I used my old AU camera phone to do all the pictures here. Good times, good times.

Matrix in Shibuya

Holy crap! The Matrix doesn't premiere here in Tokyo until June 7th, but right now I am standing in line purchased ticket in hand. It seems this is a one-night only deal. My friend suprised me by taking me here, I know few details. Check that girly magazine Hanako for more info.
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In a Mood

Fear when I bring it. For ours is a mortal coil, wrapped betwixt thought and matter. And you think you can evolve your existance, oh but how foolish you are. I shall remind you of your place, pimp-slapping the sobriety of lumbering dissulutionment back into your wimpering hide. And when I proudly stand atop my prize, oh that your gutted will, you will KNOW my victory has been laid upon you but for the weak smile played across your face. The smile, of getting schooled by the Ianster.
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A head is here?

Not one given to English isn't. This is a sign that indicates where the line starts for those waiting for a free computer at the most popular PC-Room at Nishi-Waseda. Even Waseda is not immune to the Engrish bug.
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The Whole Table

Next time it's an izekaya for sure!
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Dual Blogging

At Tokyo blog meetup, me and "that Tokyo Tidbits girl" simultaneously moblog each other.
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Late Night Homework

I have an eight page paper due for my translation class tomorrow, so I'm pullin an all-nighter. Hopped up on coffe anddamn near brilliant (humble?) literary insight, I'm making good progress. Bring back fond memories old-timers out there? Listening to Japanese punk rock, in the background the TV shows get progressively more and more fantastically insane. We were just beating up some guy in a bunny-suit, game on!
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A Big Mistake

I was feeling a bit ill this morning, so I skipped class. While lying in bed I made the mistake of watching Bjork's Dancer in the Dark film before noon, my host mom rented it after I introduced her to some Bjork music. I love that movie, but now I have lost all motivation to do ANYTHING with my day. That movie is so sad, what the hell am I doing watching it at 11 in the morning. Not the best way to jumpstart your day.
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Same Blur More People

More strong sumo wrestlers, more spectators, more beers, more warm, more blurry useless cellphone pics.
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Sumo I Think

Watching sumo at Kokugikan. As you can tell from the pictures Waseda shelled out the big bucks for the close-up VIP seats. I think I can see sumo happening. The Grand Champion doesn't get here for another couple hours, so for now we wait.
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A Little Crowded

Trains are a nightmare this morning, trying to get out of Takadanobaba and I'm moving two inches a minute. Not sure if it was simply an accident, or some damage caused by the earthquake last night. But it wasn't such a big quake...
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Rice Was Owned

Planted an assload of rice, a good feeling. Back hurts, tired, and muddy as hell. Time to go back to Tokyo.
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I am in Tsukuba city an hour express bus ride outside of Tokyo. I am going to go plant rice with my BARE HANDS. A bunch of people get together and do this. It's faster and cheaper to do it by macine, but we eat rice everday and the idea is we should have the experience of planting it and be involved in that circle. I'm waiting to be picked up now at the station. Rice prepare to be planted cause here comes Ian. You will learn respect!
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My Old Lude

Saw my old car on the streets of Saitama-Ken. Don't see many 5th generation preludes in Japan.
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Mirror on wall moving of own volition, that means earthquake. Just a small one though.
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Asian Kungfu Generation

Finally went to a live, Asian Kungfu Gendration at Eggsite in Shibuya. AKG was pretty good, but actually the band two before them showed them up. Didn't catch their name but will figure it out and maybe go to another of their shows. AKGs set was WAY too short, like seven songs, is that all they have? I also figured out why they have some small ammount of fame, apparently they wrote the theme song to a ninja anime called Naruto. People kept chanting NARUTO after one of their songs. Another weird thing was the crowd was like 80 percent girls, I have no idea why. So obviously there was no moshing, that sucked.It's impossible to take good concert pics with my phone, so heres a pic that looks like the light emitted by the second coming of Christ. Enjoy and goodnight.
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Friend on TV

Holy crap, my friend Kingdom from Zimbabwe is on TV right now! The show is called "Melon", its a quiz show on channel six TBS. He came out with two other guys dressed in wife beater tshirts and white construction hats, then provided the possible answers, in Japanese no less.
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Astroturf Masukkoto

The new J-League (Japanese Soccer) mascot, astroturf man. The kids love him, but he seemed to freak out the adult newscasters. Just like Frankenstein, only the gentle heart of a child can undestand astroturf-man.
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I Did It Again...

I just comitted what I have come to term an "expectationism". I'm studying at Starbucks, which by the way was founded not three hours from my hometown. They forgot to add the vanilla in my vanilla latte, so I pointed it out to the barista. Instead of adding the one ounce of vanilla which would render a perfectly fine Vanilla Latte, they made a whole new cup. I asked the barista girl why she didn't just add the vanilla. She gave me a look like I had just killed a puppy. The manager, who speaks a little English, overheard and informed me in English "The code is important". The code (>_<), my god. But even in Starbucks I have to learn to drop my cultural expectations of the "right" way of doing things.
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Almost Live...

...except completely not. Does this plate of rice sitting on my dining room table resemble a live rock show? Nope, ALL the shows in the entire Tokyo metro were techno/electronica. I'll listen to Royksopp on the train, but I've never been to an exciting techno concert. Give me indie rock, punk, hardcore, or even what the magazines call "emo", anything where people can fuck things up. You can't fuck up pushing buttons, unless you're one of those cigarette-smoking monkies, in which case I would see you concert anyway.
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Shipatsu Shippai

It means failure, I think. After following some links from Mint Dandy's site, I was going to a rock concert tonight at The Nest in Shibuya with Raph and Pierre from France. After a lot of searching using a crappy crappy website map, we finally found The Nest. BUT the concert ALL-READY STARTED at 6:30, by the time we got there it was 9:30 and only had an hour left. In contrast decent concert in the states rarely start before 9. The train schedules have a way of making things crazy in Tokyo, people start drinking while there's still two hours of daylight left. So instead we just went and got beers and reflected on our failure. It's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm writing this sitting on the kitchen floor. Please enjoy this daikon, white radish, knit kitchen cozy.
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Free Jisho!!

Met "ohu-kai" with Yoko who gave me the much needed Kanji dictionary for free. Thanks Yoko, ganbatte ne!
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A Private Letter

Dear Ian:

Focus on studying, kanjis don't memorize themselves. And PS, idly sipping an empty coffe cup is not studying.

The Thumb
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Market Localization

They have curry-flavored pringles in Japan. I like curry. And I guess I like Pringles, as much as the next grease ridden fatty potato derived product. But curry pringles, like crystal pepsi, are ahead of their time. Imagine the texture of one of those paper hot cup holders then couple it with a flavor that is three orders of magnitude down the taste scale. Congratulations, you now know the essence of curry pringles.
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Bike Blogging

An easy way to die: Bike Blogging. Blogging this as I ride my bike home. Mmmm, want to eat dinner.
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Ueno Park

Walking through Ueno Koen way past a reasonable hour, dodging homeless folk. The semi are starting to make their racket.
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Back In Busieness

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Paid my cellphone bill, and all systems are go.
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Drunk Blogging

Well not actually drunk, but doesn't drunk blogging open up new dimensions of possibilities? Only drank two beers, but didn't eat lunch or dinner so a tad buzzed. Walking to Harajuku station after blogger meet-up I saw a big bug. Giddy-up.
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Chris of Ore No Burogu

BOO-YAH! Chris at Mora, blogger after-party.
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Zest Blog Meetup

Hot DAMN there's a lot of people there.
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Kevin Blogged

Kevin moblogged by his own software, oh sweet irony.
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The Motherload

Wow. My friend works at Family Mart a convenience store (conbini). One of his job perks is getting free bento and stuff that is slightly expired. Witness the holy grail for college students: a mountain of free food.
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Finnish Gum

Keisuke showing the proper way to chew gum. Xylitol,"Dental Support Chewing Gum" hailing from Finland. Studying in a cafe, lots of drama over lattes tonight. Strange are the ways of women indeed.
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Lets Drink

It's the second official drinking weekend of the new school year, and the normal meet-up spot "Big Box" is packed with people. Everywhere club banners fly, trying to suck Freshman into their get-to-know us drinking parties. I just finished an English conversation part-time job, and am soon going to SOME kind of small party thrown by my Korean ukulele pal. It may be a tad strange since I will be the only non-Christian there(mostly church buddies) but as always my will is controlled by my stomache and wallet, and free Korean dinner means I'm there. Plus I'll get to jam on the ukulele as desserts.
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Mmmm Robatussin

Someone smuggled Robatussin into Tokyo. Party at my house!
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Stomache Demoms Etc

So there's a danger here. The danger is I will start using this moblog to idly bitch about my homework. That said...FUCKING KANJI!!! I am at Starbucks(only place that is non-smoking) all alone studying kanji. Unlike other subjects, I've discovered the ONLY way I can study kanji is by my lonesome. Today I am having trouble focusing, perhaps because I'm coming off a ukulele high...or is it the stomach demons? Whatever the foe, they will be slain.
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Ukurere Practice

Getting some mad uke practice in with two Waseda friends.
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Naked is funny

These peeing statues are all the rage right now, they are the spokes-statues for Dakara, a sugar-water tasting softdrink. Pictured here they are peeing while jumping rope, color me impressed. I got an AD Train of these guys this morning, an AD train is a train featuring advertisements of only one company. It was great to start the day surrounded by corporate statues holding their little statue dealies. It can only improve from there.
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Afghan Dollar

I met a guy from Afghanistan and he showed me the new Afghan currency. At the airport I couldn't get them to exchange my Malaysian money to Yen, good luck with "ahugandoru". I'm on Odakyu line heading home from studying in Shinjuku. There is a sudden smoky smell, that must mean everything is ok. The caustive relationship between mean-temprature and skirt-length has begun to express itself once again. More indicative then the fall of sakura petals, it shows the true dawn of Spring.
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Lunch Time

Just had lunch with this guy? I'm kicking it with the onigiri lifestyle for a while. Read: I am broke.
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Looking Up

Hey I just discovered the Bilingual/English button on the TV! Wait, what's that on the ceiling?
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First Engrish Moblog

This is my first, though certainly not last, Engrish moblog post. This shot of Sega arcade fishing cabinet is a tad cropped, but please note it says "Infinite possibility and unknown power" to describe a god damn fishing videogame. PS, despite its awesome Engrish this game sucked, never play it.
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Old Yuker

The fabled uke I have oft spoke of, my ukulele, Old Yuker. When I show this picture to girls they are never as impressed as I anticipate. Serves to illustrate how warped my perception of reality has grown. Yes, "ukurere chisai, Ian okii" I've never heard that before!
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Who Are You?

Continuing the series of old-live-pics, who the hell is this guy? And why did I take his picture? According to the filename he goes by Ito. Mysteries like these are part and parcel of cellphone culture.
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So this isn't exactly live, but I have some cool pictures sitting in my camera's memory, yearning to see the light of day. Here is my host mom's failed attempt at breakfast prep one day. When eggs take shape to form an omlette-face of ghastly horror, you KNOW it's breakfast time.
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Cliche Pet Pic

I live with a Japanese host family. They have a HUGE Irish Setter named Jetti. He is one loud piece of fur.
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First Moblog

If you are seeing this, I guess everything worked OK.
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