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Domo Domo (the band)

That's Domo Domo the band, as opposed to the weblog.

Here is where I post the music I've written. I promise you it's all terribly amateurish and embaressing.

For more self-deprecation, please see right hand pane.



AAD - Enemy of EQ

    Enemy of EQ
  • 1 - Two Times
  • 2 - Heavy Breathing
  • 3 - This is NOT a Mexican Restaurant
  • 4 - Separation Fascination
  • 5 - SID Chipped
  • 6 - Leaky Door
  • 7 - Bass Versus Alien


    My first full length album, thankfully. It's crap (art), but on purpose. Following the Album a Day guidelines, the entire albumed was composed in one twenty-four hour period. I slept for five hours and went out for a short dinner, but other than that I didn't leave the recording chair (it's not a recording chair but a recording edge-of-my-bed, actually).

    Also. When making these songs I read the time index ruler wrong. So all songs are over twice as long as I meant them to be. I was so damned tired, I didn't realize this until I exported everything to MP3 and loaded it into iTunes. So, if you can actually get through the nine and a half minute song...can you tell me how it ends? I can't get past three minutes of it.