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This is Ian's piece of web. See it go. Go, weblog, go! Go travel in Asia. Go study in Tokyo. Go home to Portland. Nah, what the hell. Go, study in Beijing.

Stop. I am a student studying Chinese language in Beijing.

I started this weblog in the Summer of 2002. It keeps following me wherever I go. But, I'm glad to have the company.

Thanks to Clifton for hosting Domodomo. If you need a flash or website designer, you can do no better.

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Domoblog - My old Tokyo mobile weblog.

Domo Music - Music I done made. Shockingly presented under the artist name of "Domo Domo."

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Ho it up

Comic, click it out!

Santa is still exhausted from the tequila and tits of yesterday, but he will post full pics with explanation/excuses (where appropriate) soon. For now, let's just say santa and three hundred of his colleagues were very very naughty.

Also, if anyone knows how to get the smell of strippers and pabst blue ribbon out of a polyester santa outfit, please leave your suggestions in the comment section.


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burn it man....

when you're down that hole, fire is usually your best friend.

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