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This is Ian's piece of web. See it go. Go, weblog, go! Go travel in Asia. Go study in Tokyo. Go home to Portland. Nah, what the hell. Go, study in Beijing.

Stop. I am a student studying Chinese language in Beijing.

I started this weblog in the Summer of 2002. It keeps following me wherever I go. But, I'm glad to have the company.

Thanks to Clifton for hosting Domodomo. If you need a flash or website designer, you can do no better.

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Domoblog - My old Tokyo mobile weblog.

Domo Music - Music I done made. Shockingly presented under the artist name of "Domo Domo."

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A New Mope

I saw Episode 3 three last night. As the end credits rolled fear washed over me: is my childhood is now officially over? Damn, I did not want to leave that theatre.

Oh, this is bad.

My adult brain is starting to remember something. Some business about graduation, and then there was the bit about life crippling student loans that need to be dealt with. Right, and then finding a direction in life that will give me a sense of meaning.

Screw this. I'll start reading the Star Wars novelizations and side-stories immediately. You can have my adolescence when you pry it from the fingers of my cold dead massive denial.


That's right, fight the man!

By Anonymous, at 8:58 AM  

Completely unrelated, but I came across your Tokyo entries by accident, while trying to look up the song "Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" by Rise Against, because you had the quote in there (again, completely unrelated to what I was searching for.) Anyway.. it made me think. I am a member of the US Air Force, stationed in Misawa, Japan. I've been here six months, wondering what exactly I got myself into. Then I saw your posts, and realized that it might be a lot more amusing if I actually went out and MADE IT amusing instead of just sitting on base. So thank you!

By Anonymous, at 4:54 PM  

Wow, well I'm really happy you could relate to my experience in Japan, and only slightly astonished you found in it encouragement to rock Japan ;). That's great!

You may also want to check out I've only kept up with a few of the Japan expat blogs since I left, but the author of Sushicam as I recall is a (I think) engineer at a US base near Tokyo. Maybe you can see some commonlaities in his experience too, dunno.

By Ian, at 1:57 AM  

I just stumbled onto your blog and I'm diggin the humor. but I gotta ask for permission to quote you on one thing...the last bit about adolesence and cold dead denial. man that is great! so, can I?

By me, at 11:02 PM  

It's the web, you don't need to ask permission to quote ;). A link to your blog would be nice though.

FYI, DomoDomo is basically dead. I ran all out of muse (AKA shit to complain about). Thanks for your interest, but don't hope for much more =\

By Ian, at 2:19 AM  

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