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This is Ian's piece of web. See it go. Go, weblog, go! Go travel in Asia. Go study in Tokyo. Go home to Portland. Nah, what the hell. Go, study in Beijing.

Stop. I am a student studying Chinese language in Beijing.

I started this weblog in the Summer of 2002. It keeps following me wherever I go. But, I'm glad to have the company.

Thanks to Clifton for hosting Domodomo. If you need a flash or website designer, you can do no better.

Enter the Domo  

Domoblog - My old Tokyo mobile weblog.

Domo Music - Music I done made. Shockingly presented under the artist name of "Domo Domo."

Exit the Domo  

Revenge of the Onigiri

Don't watch my Do-Moblog too closely. The onigiri lifestyle has taken it's toll. I thought I could push paying my cellphone bill until Sunday, when I would have the money to pay, but as of today my cellphone is dead in the water. If you need to contact me, your only recourse is ian at domodomo dot com. I'll try to scrounge up the cash to pay today, and see if they'll let me have my service back or not. Stay tuned.

Update:I found ni-mon en (around 180US) in my bank account. Paid cellphone bills, that makes life a lot easier. Also it looks like I will be starting a new job soon as a teaching assistant for grade-school kids in (southern) Saitama-ken soon!

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